• Kai Helmich

Somatic TIP of the day - The daily shower ritual

Shower Ritual.jpg

Somatics is the direct learning through my body, somatic learning is the process of increasing my embodiment! Being connected and integrating all parts of my body into a holistically whole and healthy being.

No better place then, as to connect and learn from my body in the daily shower routine! I am already naked, in my own privacy (safety) and with a sense of rejuvenating and washing off feeling of old, sticky and smelly things that are maybe holding on to my body/ being. Water is an amazing cleanser and a shower helps you to ground yourself there and then.

Somatic learning requires presence, so it is of utmost importance to breathe openly, sigh as much as you like, sing or even roar from your hearts desire. Remember nobody is watching or listening! Stay connected to your breath and switch off your auto-pilot of staying composed at all times - and let rip (express)!!! :-)

So now I have achieved a sense of heightened awareness and therefore I am ready to feel my emotional body as I start engaging in physical touch.

Now the key in somatic learning is to go to the edge of your comfort zone. Just close to the edge - NOT over it, just as close as you can manage right now! So what resistance, judgments do you have in regards to touching parts of your body?

The two parts I would like to highlight here is the feet and the anus. I guess most people are under pressure, jump in the shower do their scrub, rub and run, and every time we disallow certain body parts to be acknowledged, to be seen, touched and cared for in equal measures we create a separation within our embodiment. This separation then is tried to be rectified in searching for wholeness externally. It is right here, your body is perfect as it is, with all its body parts! And that includes your feet and your anus!

All I say is to bring some awareness to these parts, thank them for doing such a good job and send them your unconditional love and gratefulness. The investment only takes 5-10 seconds each time but the rewards are so great that they cannot be measured or put in words! You only can experience the rewards!

Watch over the coming days and weeks how the water will wash away layers of shame and immature/ conditional love or superficiality towards your own body and being. Watch and feel how you change, how you feel about yourself and how you experience the world as a result of how you feel about yourself.

If you allow yourself to step over your resistance you will experience in a very short time a change of perception - which could change everything!

Enjoy the totality of your beautiful bodies and let me know how you are getting on!

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