• Kai Helmich

Why I work as a Sex Therapist


Because healing our sexual wound is the quickest way of transformation to freedom. It leads us directly to a NEW perspective and allows us to see a bigger picture where the world of matter (3 Lower energy centres) is connected (through the heart centre, acting as a bridge) to the world of the spiritual (3 higher energy centre) . Within that NEW perspective everything becomes energy!

The biggest industry on this planet is the energy industry and therefore its biggest enemy is FREE energy resources!

Get it? Does the penny drop now?

What if I tell you that our shamed and blamed sexuality is the biggest obstacle for the empowerment of the individual and in the quest for an abundant energy supply (independance). Heal your lower body region by facing your willpower, your pleasure and your sense of survival and you are freeing yourself of shame, guilt and fear!


It is our life-force energy that is found in the liberation of ourselves rather than spending all of our energy to supply it from external sources and dealing with the side effects of those substances or processes.