• Kai Helmich

*** LONDON *** The Pleasure Dome

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The Pleasure Dome…. how to ask for what you want

When: Saturday 23rd May 2015

Where: The Neals Yeard Studios, Covent Garden

Price: £185/ person (Early bird offer available till 20th April)

This event is Co-facilitated by Kai Helmich & Elaine Young

Do you know what touch & pleasure you want ?

Would you like to know?

Would you like to learn new ways to discover the touch and pleasure you really desire?

If you knew ……

Could you ask for it?

Would you like to learn skills to make asking for what you want authentic, clear, understood, easy and natural?

So often we don’t know what we like or want and we have no space to play with and learn about our intimate, affection & erotic desires.

What do you crave in terms of touch, pleasure and intimate contact?

Sometimes we are too scared to ask even if we know what we desire.

Sometimes we don’t have the words to express what it is we would like to receive in terms of touch, pleasure, affectionate touch and sex.

Course Outline

Using a number of tantric, somatic and sexological bodywork skills we will share with you a weekend of learning effective skills around touch and pleasure that you will wish someone had shared with you as a teenager…

You will learn how to create a safe container for your own present moment, for your own needs and requirements, for your own desires - sexual or non-sexual, but always with clear intentions, boundaries and a mutual agreement of being fully present at all times and taking full ownership in regards to our responsibility of embodying non-judgement, tollerance, compassion, love, vulnerability, surrender and holding space for yourself and the other.

Is this event for you?

· The workshop is for people who feel they are not able to ask for the touch and pleasure they want, without feeling concerned about what the other will think of them, feeling embarrassment, fear of rejection or judgment.

· This workshop is also for those who would like to expand on their existing skills and ways of communicating their intimate, affectionate and erotic desires in order to have deeply satisfying, fulfilling consensual intimate interaction with others.

· This workshop is for those who often feel they are or are misunderstood in their desires/needs/wants and think or hope the other person should know what they want or need without having to tell them.

· For hose who feel resentment & frustration at always being the one who is giving and never receiving what they desire.

· This workshop is for those who would like to learn to give others the touch and pleasure they really desire rather than hoping they have ’ got it right’ and waiting patiently for the other to confirm this or are often left wondering did the other person enjoyed the interaction.

· This workshop is for those who desire mastery in intimate communication, active listening and active receiving which can transform your intimate relationships and your life in general outside of intimate relating … as you learn to really understand how to get what you want while giving others what they desire also.

· This workshop is for those who would like to feel confident and empowered in their intimate interactions with others.

What will I gain / learn from this workshop ..

· You will learn how the tools help you create safer environments in every day living, that allow you to build deeper and more mutually benefiting relationships in general, at work or with your beloved.

· You will learn new skills & practices to help you discover in a safe space what it is you want and what you desire in terms of touch and pleasure

· You will learn new communication & somatic skills to allow you to request this touch or interaction with another.

· You will learn how to negotiate touch and how to give clear well received feedback and how to gracefully receive feedback from another

· You will have a number of opportunities to practice and refine these new skills in partner exercises.

· You will learn how to interact in empowered relating using active listening, active receiving and negotiation techniques around touch & pleasure


Single, couples, alternative relationship partnerships of all sexual orientations and genders are welcome. This event maybe involve nudity and intimate touch on day two.

This is a non residential two day workshop.

Fee to attend.. £165 early bird until 20th April, £185 there after.

Elaine Young and Kai Helmich are sexuality educators, coaches and sexological bodyworkers. Elaine is a tantra educator & Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator. We are both also deeply involved in working with heart energy and the healthy emotional body. We would love you to join us for a weekend of learning what it is you like in a safe, experiential learning environment.


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