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*** LONDON *** Three Circles Ritual *** SOLD OUT ***

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Three Circle Ritual

The Skylight Centre

49 Corsica Street

London N5 1JT

1st March 2015

7pm - 10pm £45

This beautiful ritual was created by Joseph Kramer . This event will be invite or approval only. We are limited to 16 attendees and so booking asap is advised if you would like to join us.. those who have taken the OYP workshop day are invited, anyone else interested please contact me.

Meet up requires that you pay to RSVP, if you would rather not register on meet up , you can pay direct to paypal .. tantraey@gmail.com just let us know and use your name as reference or if you want to make payment via BACS please email me at tantraey@gmail.com to make arrangements. If you really want to attend and cannot pay today please contact us directly to book your place and let us know when payment can be made.

Apply to join the Ritual: here

Naked 3 Circles Ritual

What is involves?

The ritual evening involves nudity and group self-pleasuring. It is a celebration of us in our natural form naked and in pleasure. Taking part in this ritual can be challenging for some but it is a hugely freeing experience and confronts/challenges any shame , fear and guilt we have around nudity and our sexuality. For those who have worked through shame, guilt and fear this ritual provides an opportunity to express and love yourself in a group space with other free souls.


Due to the physical structure of the circles and room space numbers will be strictly limited and places booked on a first come basis.

Who is it suitable for?

The ritual is only suitable for those who have attended the Orgasmic Yoga practice day with Kai and I or have attended similar events with us or others. For this reason, the event is invite only or approval required. Contact us if you would like to attend and share with us what other relevant events you have attended. We recommend that you are familiar with self pleasuring groups and nudity or that you feel ready to step into such a space. However, if you really feel that this event is what you need to break out of shame and hiding, then please email us and we will of course consider each person on a case by case basis.

What if I am not suitable for this event but want to explore further?

We have entry level events suitable for those who are curious about this process, but who may not be ready at this time for this deep ritual space. Please attend one of our Orgasmic Yoga/ Self Pleasuring Workshop days where you will gain knowledge , skills and a relatively gentle introduction to this practice. You may then wish to attend the ritual event in the future. The next workshop day will be announced in January.

How will the space be held?

We will create a safe container with heart presence, consent and boundaries. This is not a workshop space as such and is not designed to be a place of individual support or processing. It is a ritual you will take part in. Kai and I will hold the space and will be available to provide support if anyone should need it, but this is not the purpose of this event. The idea of the ritual is to have the experience and see what that looks and feels like for you.

What will the evening involve?

The evening will consist of a short session to build the group ritual energy and set the container. We will then share the format of the ritual and some guidance / suggestions as to movement, dance and touch. We will then begin the ritual.

The 3 Circles Ritual

The ritual is a place of witnessing, being seen and celebration. The ritual is naked and does not involve and talking or direct touch with others. The ritual is roughly 1 hour long and music accompanies us on the journey. There are no leaders, only supporters, space holders and time keepers.

There are three layers to the ritual space.

Outer Circle /Realm

Silence, stillness, Presence and witnessing.

Joseph Kramer the creator of this ritual tells in story form about the outer circle

‘Silence, one of the three realms participants can move among during the Ritual. Some jokingly call this realm "Voyeur" because it is about doing nothing, just being with the energy of the Ritual and witnessing what is happening’

Middle Circle/Realm

Activation , dance, movement , self touch, genital touch & arousal.

In Joseph’s story

‘The second realm of the Ritual, Awakening, concerns the great human venture of waking up. This is the realm of shaking and stretching, laughing and screaming, self-massage and aerobic activity, breathing and masturbating. Remaining within their own segment of the platform, each participant generates and circulates within their body the holy fire, the erotic life force, the ching chi.

Inner Circle/Relam

Celebration, Dance and being seen.

Joseph shares ‘Dance is the realm of joyous movement, ecstasy, celebration, aliveness, glowing eroticism, emptiness/fullness, synergy, creativity, magic and mysticism. Dance is the place of erotic embodiment, of what is erotically possible’.

To end the event

We will have a sharing space after the ritual.

Kai Helmich is a somatic sex coach and a certified sexological bodyworker. www.kaihelmich.com

Elaine Young is a sexuality educator/coach, Shamanic Breathwork Practitioner, somatic sex coach and a certified sexological bodyworker. www.thetantricshaman.com

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