• Kai Helmich

Introducing Sexological Bodywork & Somatic Sex Education/ Coaching


Thurs, 22nd January 2015 8pm - 10pm €20/ person

The Harvest Moon Center, 24 Lower Baggots Street, Dublin 2

This is a fully clothed event that is empowering and educational for anybody no matter what age, race, gender, sexual orientation or preferance! Spezial Offer: Book for the total series of 6 events (€90) and save €40 (5 x 20 + 1 x 30 = €130)

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Come and join me to an introduction to Sexological Bodywork. Learn more about the human anatomy and the powerful and fast acting modalities of a Sexological Bodyworker and Somatic Sex Coach: • Sexual Healing through somatic learning • Connecting our heart with our genitals • Breathwork • Different types of touch • Taoist Erotic massage • Anal & Pelvice release work • Scar tissue re mediation • Emotional & Trauma Release • Orgasmic Yoga Coaching • The Three Circles Ritual The first of the 6 sessions (consecutive Thursdays 8-10pm) is there to get a clearer understanding of Sexological Bodywork and Somatic Sex Coaching. The following sessions will build onto the introduction and deal with each subject in more detail leading to a powerful Three Circles Ritual that is optional due to its advanced content. With each week we will come back together and everybody is invited to open up, share their thoughts, their experiences and lessons from the homework that had been given the previous week. The reason behind the series of 6 events is to create a safe group dynamic where sharing can happen in a non-judgemental and trusting environment. It is in each other's learning experiences, feelings of shame, guilt and fear that we can find lessons and raise our awareness of what's really going on inside of us. It is in each and everyone's open participation that the group dynamic will expand and allow us to heal and that we finally get to know freedom. How is each event structured? 1st part: Getting into our body and connecting with fellow participants. This is all about somatic learning (feeling within our body) 2nd part: Lecture, practices or demonstrations about the topic of the event 3rd part: Open Circle sharing and discussion of sexuality topics 4th part (optional): Join us for a social chat and a cup of tea at the nearby Starbucks (Stephen's Green)

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