• Kai Helmich

Relationships that overcome Premature/ Rapid Ejaculation

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Relationships that overcome

Premature/ Rapid Ejaculation

5th December 2014

7.30pm-9.30pm €15

Premature Ejaculation is epidemic if not dealed with, as it affects all parts of our environment. Not only does it affects the man, his choices, his self-regard, esteem and confidence, it also affects the woman that mostly is left behind in her unfullfilled needs and desires of touch, closeness and intimacy as the man closes emotionally dealing with his own feelings of guilt and inadequacy. This distancing act can become a ticking time bomb to even the best of relationships.

The answer here is not feeling less rather it is in opening up to more feelings, more sensations, more closeness, intimacy and sexual freedom.

In this event I will be speaking of my own experience and journey from being a premature ejaculator to a confident lover. I will present you with a 10 step plan of how partners can support each other to experience new levels of embodiment, feelings, sensitivity, stamina, exstatic bliss, intimacy and closeness.

This event is for anyone, male, female or other, single or in a relationship, that wants to know more about what can be done to cope with premature/ rapid ejaculation. Both partners have numerous options available when empowered with knowledge, compassion, non-judgment and a desire to explore intimacy with yourself and, or someone else