• Kai Helmich

Core Erotic Theme

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Core Erotic Theme

7th November 2014

7pm - 9pm €15

The Harvest Moon Center

"If you wish to touch the deepest source of your eroticism, delve into your Core Erotic Theme, for it is the most ingenious invention of your erotic mind." Jack Morin

Your Core Erotic Theme is an internal blueprint for arousal. It transforms old wounds and conflicts into excitation.

At this Sexological Bodywork event I welcome everybody to learn about what a Core Erotic Theme is and what we can learn by becoming aware of it and more importantly what it means to us.

So often we hide our fantasies and experience the darkness that engulfs us in our helplessness, shame and fear of judgement around it.

How can compassion help and why is it important to not seeing it as a STOP sign, rather to see it as a sign post.

To prepare for this I would recommend that you take some time out and put pen to paper and write down in exact detail what your 3 most often used fantasies are.

If anybody wants to get some weight of their shoulders, then you will have a chance to share it with our safe, confidential and non-judgemental circle.

Remember what happens in this group, stays in the group - NO exceptions!

After the event anyone is welcome to join us for a social drink and a chat in the local Starbucks. The more the merrier!