• Kai Helmich

#5/6 Emotional Release & Scar Tissue Remediation - Introducing Sexological Bodywork & Somatic Sex Co

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#5/6 Emotional Release Tools &

Scar Tissue Remediaton

Friday, 17th, October 2014 7-9pm Fee: €15/ person

The Harvest Moon Centre, 24 Lower Baggot Street, Dublin 2

Meetup Page: click here

In this Freedom's Series of Introducing Sexological Bodywork I invite you this Friday to explore:

Part 1: The power of Emotional Release Tools.

Facing the storm is half the worries if you know that you are equipped to handle whatever gets thrown at you or whatever starts rising from within you. Change the "ohhhhh so ever" feared uncertainty into certainty: Know; YES, I can handle it!

You will go away knowing you have now 7 powerful tools that you can use anywhere, whatever comes up and triggers you.

Part 2: Scar Tissue Remediation + Self Help Education

Humans are as much a physical body as we are an emotional one. And so it is with scars.

The physical treatment of scars brings further healing to these affected areas by disconnecting adhesions that may have shut down circulation or is preventing effective lymphatic drainage away from otherwise healthy tissue. Muscle function, organs, glands and especially the pelvic floor can be affected, causing pain in places we might never guess were related to scars.

The emotional treatment of scars brings awareness of the stored trauma and emotions that are connected to the experience of the past. To let go of something we need to create firstly awareness around the existence of it. Setting the intention to see what is there; bodywork directs presence, focus and acceptance to an area of neglect, so that the emotional wound can be healed after all.

Scars don’t have to limit your life.

What would it mean to you, making substantial improvements to your scars and integrate those affected areas back into your whole being. Let me teach you some self-help education and show you some carefully applied hands-on techniques.


After the event we generally meet for a social chat and a drink at the nearby Coffee shop! So please take the time and join us afterwards.