• Kai Helmich

#1/6 Introducing Sexological Bodywork Meetup Dublin

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Introducing Sexological Bodywork Meetup


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This group is for everybody that wants to expand their embodiment, to increase sensitivity, pleasure and awareness around their bodies. We will be exploring the tools of an Sexological Bodyworker*, what they are and how they can help you healing any particular issues connected to shame, guilt, fears and other behavior patterns that prevent you of experiencing pleasure consciously and to the full.

In the coming series of experiential and seminars I will be introducing:

- Sex and our Nervous Systems

- Male & female anatomy

- The importance of using up & down regulating breaths

- Orgasmic Yoga (Self-pleasure or mindful masturbation practice)

- The 3 Circle Ritual

- The secret power of our anus!

- Taoist Erotic Massage

- Genital (Vagina, Penis, Anus) Mapping

- Scar Tissue Remediation + Self Help Education

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