• Kai Helmich

The Art of Self-Love

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The Art of Self-Love

Tuesday, 1st July, 2014

7.30 - 9pm

Lantern Centre

17 Synge Street, Dublin

Change the way how you masturbate - change your life!

A talk to empower, to encourage, to bring into the open and to drop shame and guilty feelings around the so crucial attitude towards ourselves. Even in religious contexts again and again it is mentioned: "Love thyself" as a foundation of love, happiness and fullfilment.

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In the Art of Self-Love I will be highlighting changes to the self esteem, confidence and love making if masturbation is turned into a daily practice/ ritual of mindful self-pleasuring.

You will be empowered by the new context and meaning to give firstly and most importantly to yourself and explore the deepest levels of love, joy and pleasure in a safe container of your own company.

I guess that means plenty of homework for each one of you, who shows up!