Gay Solo Tantra I

Saturday 11th May, 9-6pm


Some upgrades will be avail. (£100) to the whole Solo Tantra 2 weekend on the Sat evening.

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Gay Solo Tantra II

Sat 11th + Sun 12th May, 9-6pm

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If anyone out there want a truly life changing experience! Do a weekend with Kai, he is blessed with a very special gift. Christo Steenberg

You're invited to this first ever Solo Tantra workshop for gay men to be run in London, join us on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.


In this Sex Education workshop for adults Kai Helmich offers his unique insights into how to have a healthy and happy relationship to ourselves, our sex life and relationships. 


I've worked with Kai Helmich for sexological body work and his tools have been really powerful for deepening my sense of self-empowerment and for freeing myself from inhibitions and shame around sex. Through my work with Kai I am more confident, have greater self esteem and courage to ask for what I want: I'm now able to make eye contact, approach the men I am attracted to and start a conversation through being fully present in myself and the dynamic between us.




Solo Tantra cultivates a deep connection to yourself rather than looking out to another for fulfilment and the workshop helps you build this connection and to learn to listen to your intuitive knowing - your belly wisdom.


Learning to be still and connect to this wisdom of the body rather than just jump into old familiar patterns led by the mind means that when you do approach another man you can enter a dynamic that brings lasting benefits, joy and connection, rather than approaching men who fit in with old and unhelpful patterns of attraction, who fit the mould our wounded sexual self has learnt to call attraction: men who may make you feel inadequate or not enough or whom we leave with a feeling of emptiness after just another meeting where there was no real connection. 

The more you truly connect to your body wisdom you will know what you want, know how to hold boundaries and know how to fully meet another and give to them without any fear of that giving draining you as you know how to say "no". This body wisdom will know if the man we are meeting will fill our batteries or drain them. The tools of the workshop will help you in creating this 'bull shit detector' through the felt senses in your body so that your cock and balls, heart and belly can guide you towards a nourishing connection.




Kai will respond to and adapt his teaching to each person that attends. It may be that you are already comfortable in your sexuality but find yourself going into things too fast so that it seems you miss out on the journey. The tools Kai shares, will offer you a way to slow down and savour the experience rather than rush to a climax. If you have a habit of holding back and not reaching out for what you want, Kai also will share tools that will help you learn how to take action. Each person's journey through the workshop will be unique to them.




In day 1 we will remain clothed with an optional undressing ritual at the end where you dance into your nakedness as much as you feel comfortable. Day 2 includes time for self pleasuring - dressed or naked as you lie in the 'nest' you have created for your self - with blankets, pillows, duvet and any toys you wish to bring.




The reason for using sexual pleasuring is because as we become sexual it is the quickest way to connect with our shame and explore our sexual wounds, emotional wounds, and false beliefs about ourselves and how we operate in the world. It is not about performing or getting it right or looking impressive as you self-pleasure but of learning from what occurs as you enter this dynamic space of Eros.


Sexuality is an energy that impacts on all aspects of our lives. In discussing this, Kai said: "Who will you become when you have greater presence in your sexuality? Will you have more power, more presence, more ability to connect to others and take action? Yes - because we are so connected as men to our cocks and what we can do with them, or fear doing....and this then plays out in how we are in our life". Connecting to this shame free sexual expression can change how you are in the world.