About my Coaching, Guidance

I AM, but here I am an Online Life Coach offering to share my experiences with those that also seek answers to the great mystery.

My coaching or guidance is not bound by any specific believes or techniques, rather it follows my ever increasing skills of bodily wisdom, spiritual intuition and guidance. So YES you could say I belief in God, but as far as I understand it by now, "I am" slowly surrendering the illusion that I am separate from God.


I am, Christ Consciousness and my father in Heaven IS one


And isn't that the process of remembering how to get home? How to let go of all those mind based limitations and how to manifest Heaven on Earth through taking full responsibility for one's own projections.

So after all it is in continuously letting go of internal fear,- mind based, illusionary limitations (survival software) that prevent us from fully experiencing the majestic truth of our God given power to create with love or with fear. And so within, without!

Come and join me on a path into Quantum physics, into uncertainty and the impossible. What if ...

Let those that have ears let them hear,

let those that have eyes let them see,

and let those that seek, let them find.