Bad sex! STOP calling bad sex a good effort

Most of the time, if I get people to speak their truth - everything changes! Love can be recognised, problems rectified etc. The enemy here is the unnecessary care taking and the pleasing. Why would you not trust your partner that he can handle the truth (well or badly) and go and find a solution. Of course the communication has to be transparent, compassionate and loving without any threats or deadlines being raised. Keep speaking your truth, keep being intimate to each other. (intimacy = to reveal of yourself, that which so far has been hidden)

A brand NEW format for the Solo Tantra 1 Sex Education workshop. NOW fully clothed!

Introducing the all NEW, fully clothed version of Solo Tantra 1. My aim is to reach out and provide this important knowledge, tools and exercises to all people. NO touch, NO nakedness, NO partner exercises! So come and join me and finally receive the Sex Education that you never got. If you are seeking a deeper dive then the 1day Solo Tanra 1, perhaps the 2day Solo Tantra 2 weekend will offer you that extra mile.

Let me be your mirror. (a little exercise for you, with me)

In this short clip I invite you to sit with me for 2min in silence and see what comes up for you. So often the greatest nuggets come directly from within ourselves. So just lean back, relax and breathe freely in and out of your belly as surely something will show up. Enjoy and please let me know in the comments what has come through for you as it shows that we all live in this world but experience it all very differently. If you want to share something with me personally, please e-mail me:

Q&A Solo Tantra| I feel fear, taking part!

Fear isn't always what it looks like and much more, fear is not always a STOP sign! Those on a roller-coaster ride feel the same sensation in their bodies, however we are interpreting what we feel differently. Some feel fear, others feel excitement. NEUROLOGICALLY IT IS THE SAME IMPULSE! So next time you feel that feeling again, check maybe it is actually excitement for what's going to come. It was my light-bulb moment when I took a public speaking class/ workshop - I am still nervous each time the stage is looming, but since then my feeling never stopped to share my voice with the world. To find out what your truth actually is, you have to try it out! :-) You will know when its the right ti

Solo Tantra Events in May - book now

Finally back in Dublin, and in London Get ready for the 5th Edition of Solo Tantra on 18/19th May in Dublin. This workshop is ever evolving and intuitively adjusted to the group that is forming. (Sat only) (weekend) A 2nd Edition is also open for booking in London on the 11/12th May, inviting all Gay/ Bi Males to this workshop. Become one of my students who will enjoy as much as benefit from taking part in these two days of practical and shamefree sex eduction. In this structured exploration through mind, body and spirit, there will be plenty of space for your questions, but also you will learn l