Dublin Solo Tantra workshop in Nov - book now!

I am delighted to announce that an opportunity has arisen on the 17th and 18th November to run a Solo Tantra Weekend Experience at the Olive 3 Studio in Bray. Yippie!!! :-) The fact that this location is an old Irish Church makes it even more healing and liberating to reclaim lost and taken away power. Be one of those few that will reverse the past spell during this weekend and reclaim their basic human rights of shamefree access to their own bodies not only for themselves but energetically for all those that have lost their shining light, struggled and fought with the resulting darkness, guilt and shame during their lives. Just imagine how much physical, mental and emotional symptoms people

Fear of the result vs. Love for the journey

Are you suffering from too much procrastination or feeling that you always go through life with the handbreak on then work with me for a period of a month and I am happy to exploring ways with you via Skype so that you can choose love instead of fear. Contact me now for a 30min Intro Skype chat: helmichk@gmail.com For more info about me please visit my website: www.kaihelmich.com #fear #love #procrastination