Yoni Whispering! Shouldn't we teach this subject at school, even at kindergarten!

Too important not to share it! Please share, when you only share one thing, then share that of the sacred Temple, the holy well, the divine feminine. And where the feminine builds her Temple in glory, the seeker, the thirsty, the masculine will come to worship her beauty and power, to nourish himself, to quensch his thirst and still his hearts desire. Where there is a voice, one's ears can hear Where there is no voice, no ear can hear, no eyes can see "that world" Let those that have ears, let them hear Let those that have eyes, let them see. Let those the have an open heart, let them feel the power of beyond. https://www.facebook.com/tinytinysecrets/videos/852595264879220/

Does Love, Money and Power stick to you?

"Not that well" or "it could be better" you may hear yourself saying! Then I would like to invite you to book 1month of GLUE Coaching with me. During a four week period (4 weekly 60min Skype calls €200) I will support you in making things stick better to you. Wouldn't it be nice if more Love, Power and Money could keep sticking to you? Intimacy means to state and make known! Everything changes if one breaks the silence and speaks their truth with courage and heart. About one's needs, wishes, fears and desires - and with that I don't just mean only sexual stuff (fantasies, fetishes), it is the every day stuff that matters most. Through vulnerability we create GLUE which you need in bonding to