Initiation - What permission do you need?

You may have heard of the words "get up, pick up your bed and walk" and maybe have never considered those words as a permission to rise and shine, to be safe knowing you are loved unconditional - no matter what. To be in peace, no matter how your individuality, curiosity and innocence make you express yourself. So often my healing sessions are about giving permission to get up, leave the past behind and start fresh - right there, right then. Once the cause has been found which caused the contraction and limitation to run a particular software, unconditional love can be send towards that wound and can heal it pretty much instantaneous if the timing is right. ie. if the initiate believes in th

How to feel hot and juicy

The more we do something for our beloved the more he/ she will feel loved, cherished and cared for. From an early age we have learned to please others to gain approval or even receive the sensation of being loved by our parents, family members or authorities that we have been raised with. And most of us have actually done pretty well with this strategy! But how often have we used this to make ourselves feel better, to feel loved, cherished and cared for by the one that actually matters most - Oneself! A tribe in Africa has a saying: "you cannot still the thirst of others from a dry well" Those of you who love to give also need to stay responsible to keep the batteries full, otherwise how lit

Sexual Healing and how you do it in three steps

I remember very vividly that we had to accept and agree at the beginning of our Sexological Bodywork facilitators training that we were all (without exception) sexually wounded and partly here not just to help others to attend and support them to heal their wounding but also as a priority to heal our own wounding and get to know freedom for ourselves. Freedom as in each time our personal boundary had been overstepped we would then had to build protective systems around us to avoid getting hurt again. Those protective systems would be our beliefs and behaviours and sooner than later would turn into serious limitations, shutting down more and more areas of our lives. And so often it is the ar

Welcoming shame!

I meet on a daily basis people that all have one thing in common. I meet them in private and I meet them in my practice, I meet them by day and I meet them by night, I still meet it in myself, so I must also face it in my outer experience - till I finally release it from within myself. What those shame-laden people have in common is that they can't authentically speak out and ask for what they want. They can't be specific and go into exact details, they become highly uncomfortable when you drill down and ask concrete questions, trying to find clarity or confirmation of what they actually want. Another symptom that shows up is that people with shame, poor their heart out making you agree to j

Q&A Solo Tantra: Do I have to masturbate in front of the group?

Q: Do I have to masturbate in front of the group? A: No, you don't have to! All exercises are invitations to experience something. Your personal power is decided in the moment where you chose what you are going to do with that. ie. how do you react to this invitation. Also note that at one point you say YES to it but shortly afterwards you clearly feel that that YES has turned into a NO and therefore needs some readjusting. And from those readjustment you might find that now you could say YES again and ... So it is not so much about a single choice rather about the continuous choices that you make during the experience. Just to clarify that at the end of a structured weekend experience there

Intimacy & Relationships! What you sow is what you reap

Imagine every relationship is like a farmer's field. We are all farmers and the way how we experience farming is part of the choices that we make on an ongoing basis, day in day out. How consistent am I in my commitment to work the field? Do I do what needs to be done? Do I have enough knowledge and experience accumulated to have the wisdom, to know when and what needs to be done? Do I have a holistic understanding how the different aspects of farming are connected to each other? I mean do I accept that the birds, animals and little creatures and bacteria that float around in the environment are equally important for the balance and harmony, to make my field thrive. Just like sexuality, pers