Halloween: Welcoming ones ugly faces at the door

You may have heard that relationships are a fast track path to healing?! Yes they certainly are but there are a few things to know how one can use that fuel that is coming from the synthesis of two people being in love with each other, most efficiently. There is no use in having Diesel available if you are in need of Unleaded or even Electric fuel. And the primal fuel that a relationship should give off is unconditional love towards the expression of the individual within that relationship. Actually love is the fuel that powers our rise from a conditioned self to the individual self of I am. Of course there are boundaries and limitations that the togetherness requires but within that mutual

Life is a Donut!

Life is like a donut if you like it or not. Either way you are creating some sort of life experience but what is important to realise is that there are three zones that you can be in. In all three zones you get something! However the more healthier and abundant you become the more you will choose to stay in one zone, maybe rest for a while in another but ... never and I mean NEVER allow yourself to take or let yourself be dragged into the offerings from the third zone. For a healthy and abundant life it is of up-most importance that you are very clear about where the 2nd zone is ending and where this "avoid at any price" third zone is starting. Do note that for different aspects in our life

Suffering in Relationships

As long as we use our relationships to make us happy, rather than use them to make us grow and expand on fast track, we will keep suffering. All attention here is on self-responsibility and self-accountability! What part of me, do I see playing out in front of me? Judgement! Rejection! Abandonment! What is the fear or cause that triggers the symptoms to show up over and over again just masked in a different situation and context. Embrace suffering and you transform your relationship with what causes you to suffer, as well as your relationship with suffering itself. (Adyashanti) Become like water if you fight water as Bruce Lee would have said. The emphasis is on finding what you project outw

Solo Tantra 1 + Solo Tantra 2 is coming to town this December

Beating Santa to it :-) , I have confirmed a Solo Tantra weekend for the 2nd and 3rd December in Dublin. Hurry Hurry and get yourself the 1st 4 x Solo Tantra 2 tickets for a special early bookers price. Please note that if you are not sure about stretching safely to the Solo Tantra 2 you can join the Solo Tantra 1 and then decide after the first day if you feel, to continue on the sunday. Important is that you make the first step! As soon as you are on the list something subconsciously will start working to prepare you and align you with your challenge and or your excitement ahead. Important note about personal boundaries and limitations And do remember that all exercises during the event ar

Concessions! Ask and it shall be given

Again and again it proves that those that haven't got the financial resources are those that would need the support, advise and encouragement the most. If we carry shame or any trauma in us then the capacity to stand up for ourselves and speak out is diminished or even not existent at all which will reflect itself in all parts of our lives. To rather limiting effects! And certainly you will have difficulties to make ends meet in this world where there is a race of the fittest, strongest and fastest out there. Where the mind or masculine aspect are much higher in demand and appreciated then the bodies emotional and feeling capabilities or feminine aspects are. So if you struggle on your own j

How to stop the storm?

Wow what an intense time it is right now! Do you feel it too? Do you feel really challenged emotionally, your buttons being pushed all over? Maybe your relationship is tough going right now, even breaking apart or has already just broken and you may have split up! Tough things are waiting to be spoken out or already have been spoken out and of course that truth is causing a re-adjustment or even a complete change or reset for some of you. But always remember a storm is great to shake things up, to make things fall apart so that they can be re-arranged again and put back together anew in a much more refined and improved way. Things are actually falling back together again. Have faith - trust

Travel schedule for Dublin and London

Let the storm go by and then its time to tidy up again what hasn't weathered well and needs to be fixed or re-arranged. Just like in real life! I have a short Dublin visit coming up on the Mon 6th till Thurs 9th November. So if you are interested please book early to get your preferred time slot. If not otherwise agreed, all sessions in Dublin are held at the Harvest Moon Centre, 24 Lw Baggot Street, Dublin 2. And if you want to integrate immediately from a session, then you can also book a floating session right after. "I love floating - try it for yourself" Available times in Dublin: Monday: only 7.30pm - 9pm Tuesday: from 8am - 9pm Wednesday: from 8am - 9pm Thurs: from 8am-10.30am Availab

Can you ask for help when you need help?

Many times I hear that people try to find composure again before reaching out for help. But what message are we sending out (primarily at ourselves)? That what we truly feel is non of a priority? Ie. I don't matter, I shouldn't bother other people with my issues?! That it is not ok to fall apart, that it is weak to emotionally let go, drop our masks and crumble to pieces once in a while. Isn't it also for a child once in a while the best thing for its immune system to get the flu? So why not fall apart once in a while so that our emotional body has the chance to rearrange itself and fall together again in a more improved manner? ... Isn't the message we are sending out, that an emotional sub

A reference: Hear the call - Reach out too!

A reference is not only a feedback for some work well done, but can also be a calling from another person, for others to resonate with, to reach out and seek support on their own healing journey. May the reference speak to your heart and empower you too, to stop the silence, to reach out and seek help. I came across Kai at a time in my life when I was looking for something but I didn't know what. There was an uneasiness within that I couldn't calm and i was feeling 'stuck'. Initially I went to Kai for massage which led to deeper bodywork and so much more. As we progressed old traumas from childhood emerged along with deeply rooted, negative self-beliefs. There were sessions that flowed and c

Just received a reference from a man that I worked with

The rewards of having stepped up, becoming vulnerable and reaching out for support. The first step is the hardest, when communication is opened solutions are mostly not that far away. I hope that showing you this reference from another male client of mine will empower you also to come forward, to stop the silence and unnecessary suffering and get back to being your greatest version of yourself. I am 35 years old and a very sexual person. When i discovered I had managed to generate a problem with erectile dysfunction I was extremely worried. I spoke with Kai about my situation over a 1.5 hr consultation. He helped me to realize that I had given my power away due to an overpowering ex. Once we