Are you returning unconditional Love

One of the greatest gifts must be to receive the gift of unconditional love from a loved one, respected authority, group or society. Unconditional Love really says "I honour your individuality and invite you to express it fully even though it may not align with my path, taste or opinion" And as one receives this precious gift from another, one also is asked to close the circle of receiving and giving. I actually have to say "close the circle of giving and receiving" as giving always comes first, giving meaning to serve the highest gift. We cannot receive something that we haven't got within us, even though someone will offer us something we will not be able to receive that, as we will find a

How to birth your gift

"Whoever has something in hand will be given more. Whoever has nothing, even the little they have will be taken away." ... or as the late Wayne D'yer would have said: "don't die with your song still inside of you" Differentiate from the crowd, stand up for what you stand for and embrace your unique gifts, skills and blessings. Ready to tap into your creative energy source, gain access to your intuition and follow your path to your fullest potential self. Then book your 1st skype session today and learn how to use your inbuilt accelerator and guidance system.

"Tight arses" or those that have tight arses are likely to grind their teeth or suffer fro

I remember about 12 years ago I went to the dentist and got myself to agree to a gum shield because I was heavily grinding my teeth. The investment in the protection of my teeth set me back about 500 Euros. Only years later when I studied Sexological Bodywork I found another alternative that actually would not just treat the symptom (ie. grinding my teeth) rather deal with the cause of the problem! This healing alternative also promised lots of playfulness, relief of stress, liberation of shame and even the experience of pleasure! So I went down that road and explored some anal work. Yes you have heard right, to relief stress in your jaws you could try some ANAL work. And I say work, because

Dancing with sexual energy

Sex doesn't just equal pleasure! Sex offers us to engage with an energy force that for most of us creates pleasurable sensations, for others it can cause anxiety, physical and emotional contraction, fear, joy, tears or even laughter. All of it is welcome and is part of a conscious sexual experience, where one is invited to acknowledge, feel, see and express all that which wants to move through, become loose and is to be let go from one's bodily tissue. Did you know, that emotions, old experiences and traumas are stored in bodily tissue. Remember an emotion is energy in motion! Therefore if you trigger an emotion within your body the energy is released and set free in your belly, or other bod

Talking invites more thrills, suspense and fun into the bedroom?

So often I have come across the subject of suspense, the thrill of not knowing what is to happen next or of holding the borrowed power in providing it to someone else. And yes I think there is a great opportunity in trusting but ... So many of those that trust are trusting blindly in the hope to be liked, loved or at least not to be judged, rejected or even abandoned for that matter. Others trust because their capacity to speak out is just blatantly dis-empowered or not existent. Understandably in a society that doesn't value indifference rather creates massive demand in movements or trends where the more people aspire the same thing, the higher the stock will rise, the more profit will be

Why a NO becomes a YES for your sexlife

Most of us will dream to be ravished or ravish someone special in an act of genuine hot passion, but why does it become for some couples a reality and for others it doesn't or even turns into a nightmare. How come some dare to play out the most ridiculous scenarios and others are stuck to the missionary position for their entire life? As in all aspects of relating it is in the honest and transparent communication where we bring clarity into any issues that concerns our individuality and our togetherness within a relationship. We built trust and understanding for each other and hopefully can find beauty in the differences of opinions, likes and dislikes of each other without always having to

Wolves kill ruthlessly and because they kill without worrying they are in service.

Human's are like wolves, they can't be of service and actually can't survive by hiding in the woods, not wanting to upset anybody. The truth is they have to follow their intuition! In a never ending cycle they have to re-focus, re-commit, take to the chase and kill ruthlessly to nurture themselves, share it with their pack and actually be of service to the world. What place would the world be if wolves would worry about what the others think of them? What if they would decide to become what they aren't, just because everybody thinks that wolves are ruthless murderers who kill little bambi? Human's are also predators in a sense that each one of us chases a unique dream, to become our fullest