Why you should buy your teenage son the #1 male sextoy in the world

Dear men and fathers, I would like to invite you to imagine, you are back in your early teens and a liberated and empowered father or mother would approach you and present you with a gift box. Many years later you would come to realise the power of this gift but also you would then understand that the biggest gift on that day had been the courage of your mum and/ or your father to be different, to speak openly and communicate without shame and guilt about human sexuality and our amazing connection that we could have if we would chose our bodies as our friend and ally. The conversations that were light-hearted, playful, full of innocence and curiosity with an invitation to ask any questions t

From Fucker to Lover, 10 keys to unlock the cock

This brand NEW workshop is an investment to a man's personal power, confidence, happiness and potency. The 10 keys presented, offer vast, lifelong returns to your business and private life.​ Most men have one thing in common, their sexuality affects all parts of their life, consciously or subconsciously! Day: Friday 1st September Time: 6-8pm Where: Harvest Moon Center, 24 Lower Baggot Street, Dublin 2 Price: €49 Book your ticket: www.kaihelmich.com/unlockthecock The 10 keys are presented in form of: a new perspective/ approach proven self-help tool a powerful exercise for you to practice daily at home This workshop is for men who: gain more potency and last longer seek to beco

Life isn't really about COCKS or PUSSIES. It's about having BALLS that matters.

Let me tell you, as I know very well what it means to had my balls chopped off. A cock without its balls is like a blunt instrument trying to cut through some stuff. Without the balls you are trying really hard to go harder, faster and longer without actually achieving much success. Having balls means to sharpen your instrument, to fully commit, to take a stance for what you stand for and then put all your efforts behind it to get what you want. Don't get me wrong it is not the achievement that counts so much rather it is the satisfaction that you are working smart (not hard) and that your instruments are working in perfect order (the best you can be). Just like a tradesmen who takes pride i

The Three Circles ritual - a Group ... What ritual????

If you have gone to the Bliss Festival a couple of years ago then you may have heard from the nearly 90 participating people that took part in this liberating Three Circles Ritual. Yes, its a mindful Group Masturbation Ritual! If we can take our triggers and judgements by side for a moment and actually consider what benefit and healing would come from taking part in such a group workshop. 1., As it is a solo workshop, no touch with other participants is exchanged during the proceeding which gives a certain space of: personal privacy security and safety. However because sexually charged environments never have been safe in most of our pasts, this creates a new reference point where one is cal

Fatherly: Masturbation Coaches Are Here To Make You Better At Giving Yourself A Hand

... Kai Helmich is another one of Kramer’s protégées. He’s been helping men improve their masturbatory skills for the past three years. Often, it comes down to helping correct the bad habits they picked up years ago. “The typically pattern we learn as children is that we go to the toilet, and we have ... To read the article, click the link below: https://www.fatherly.com/love-and-money/masturbation-coaches-trend/ More more information about Masturbation Coaching (Solo Tantra): click here If you are interested in how Masturbation Coaching can better you too, then please get in touch and book a Skype session or private session in Dublin (29th Aug - 4th Sept) or London (5th - 10th Sept). helmi

Sharing a little bit about Solo Tantra 1.0

I have done a little clip toda that I would like to share with you. If you are interested about what I have to say about the Solo Tantra 1.0 Intro workshop then click on the link below: https://www.facebook.com/kaihelmich/videos/10213835128733154/ You can find all the information about the workshop or book your ticket on www.kaihelmich.com/solotantra1

Dublin Solo-Tantra 1.0, Sun 3. Sept.

I am now taking bookings for another Solo-Tantra 1.0 Intro workshop on Sunday 3. September from 10am - 1pm at The Harvest Moon Centre, Dublin 2. Please book early as spaces are limited. This thought-after workshop for beginners and pro's alike invites you to re-connect with the whole of yourself, your sexuality, your heart, your energetic body and your intuition. Self-love, self-compassion and self-touch are some of the greatest gifts we can give to ourselves. In this experiential Intro workshop you will learn about somatics, mindful self-love/ pleasuring practice ie. mindful masturbation). I will share with you information and practical exercises including breathwork, somatic movement, ful

Fantasy & Fetish Coaching

Intimacy starts with yourself! How long will you still judge, reject or abandon your true self. Whilst you are busy being hard on yourself, you will never find out if your fear could actually save you, ... and bring you a lot of fun in the process! All you need to do is to start talking (intimacy = to state or make known) and explore the symbolic meaning of your fantasies and fetishes. They just could be a signpost rather than a STOP sign! You certainly will feel better and lighter after you have relieved your heavy burden through your throat. www.kaihelmich.com/fantasies To contact, please e-mail me: helmichk@gmail.

My NEW Travel Plans

Hello flights are booked and now I am in the planing stages for some workshops, maybe one in Dublin and one in London. So stay tuned ... To book an appointment or if you would like to talk to me in regards to booking an appointment then please e-mail me to helmichk@gmail.com

NEW Intimacy Coaching page is now life

The foundation of an authentic life is our capacity to be intimate in any circumstance or situation. No matter where you are in your life, that which restricts you in expanding a certain part of your life, is the lack of intimacy that you are allowing yourself to display till now. In the depth of your subconscious are the solutions to your problems. Intimacy here is your elevator into those deeper levels of inner knowing, creativity and intuition. ​ Intimacy is closely related to your Throat Chakra, concerning all areas of speaking out and also hearing your truth. The great misunderstanding however is, that it is usually associated with the Sacral Chakra and involves an expectation of physic

Clarifying Intimacy

Intimacy is so often connected to an expectation, ie. why are you not physical intimate with me? But one cannot expect intimacy from another! One needs to give intimate gestures, and then can only hope for reciprocity. If you have fears around intimacy, have difficulties to dive deeper (hit your intimacy ceiling) or are anxious to enter a new relationship because of it, then why not give me a call and arrange a Skype session with me and you will learn how to fix intimacy issues rather quick by understanding what intimacy actually is, what it requires and what you are actually suppose to do. Skype sessions start from €80/ hour. (recommended duration: 90min) www.kaihelmich.com or e-mail me: