Somatic TIP of the day - The daily shower ritual

Somatics is the direct learning through my body, somatic learning is the process of increasing my embodiment! Being connected and integrating all parts of my body into a holistically whole and healthy being. No better place then, as to connect and learn from my body in the daily shower routine! I am already naked, in my own privacy (safety) and with a sense of rejuvenating and washing off feeling of old, sticky and smelly things that are maybe holding on to my body/ being. Water is an amazing cleanser and a shower helps you to ground yourself there and then. Somatic learning requires presence, so it is of utmost importance to breathe openly, sigh as much as you like, sing or even roar from y

Why I work as a Sex Therapist

Because healing our sexual wound is the quickest way of transformation to freedom. It leads us directly to a NEW perspective and allows us to see a bigger picture where the world of matter (3 Lower energy centres) is connected (through the heart centre, acting as a bridge) to the world of the spiritual (3 higher energy centre) . Within that NEW perspective everything becomes energy! The biggest industry on this planet is the energy industry and therefore its biggest enemy is FREE energy resources! Get it? Does the penny drop now? What if I tell you that our shamed and blamed sexuality is the biggest obstacle for the empowerment of the individual and in the quest for an abundant energy supply

*** LONDON *** The Pleasure Dome

The Pleasure Dome…. how to ask for what you want When: Saturday 23rd May 2015 Where: The Neals Yeard Studios, Covent Garden Price: £185/ person (Early bird offer available till 20th April) This event is Co-facilitated by Kai Helmich & Elaine Young Do you know what touch & pleasure you want ? Would you like to know? Would you like to learn new ways to discover the touch and pleasure you really desire? If you knew …… Could you ask for it? Would you like to learn skills to make asking for what you want authentic, clear, understood, easy and natural? So often we don’t know what we like or want and we have no space to play with and learn about our intimate, affection & erotic desires. What do you