Naked Three Circles Ritual "Advanced Level" *** SOLD OUT ***

Naked Three Circles Ritual 1st January 2015 6.00pm - 9.00pm €40 Dublin City Center: tba Please note that this event is an "advanced event" and is maybe not suitable right now for everyone! To participate in this event you should be aquainted with Tantra workshops, being naked in a group setting or at least are comfortable with your own sexuality (shame and guilt) and are able to work through vulnerabilities as they come up. Please get in contact if you have any questions or are unsure if this is for you. ************************************* The Three Circles Ritual is a powerful, shame busting and freedom creating ritual that welcomes anyone no matter what age, genital config

Mindful Orgasmic Yoga & Expanding your Sexuality

Saturday, 7th March 2015 9.30am - 5.30pm € 80/ person Dublin City Center Location: tba Sexological Bodywork, Mindful Orgasmic Yoga & Expanding your Sexuality Facilitated by Elaine Young & Kai Helmich Meet up requires that you pay to RSVP, if you would rather not register on meet up or you want to make payment via BACS please email me at to make arrangements. To join Meetup or book your ticket please click here In this experiential day you will learn how to connect to, play with and expand your sexual energy and arousal. We are beings capable of ecstatic expansive pleasure, if we allow ourselves to be so. We will share the building blocks of orgasmic

Introducing Sexological Bodywork & Somatic Sex Education/ Coaching

Thurs, 22nd January 2015 8pm - 10pm €20/ person The Harvest Moon Center, 24 Lower Baggots Street, Dublin 2 This is a fully clothed event that is empowering and educational for anybody no matter what age, race, gender, sexual orientation or preferance! Spezial Offer: Book for the total series of 6 events (€90) and save €40 (5 x 20 + 1 x 30 = €130) For more information on workshops and announcements please join: Meetup click here Facebook click here Come and join me to an introduction to Sexological Bodywork. Learn more about the human anatomy and the powerful and fast acting modalities of a Sexological Bodyworker and Somatic Sex Coach: • Sexual Healing through somatic le

Learning to touch with Dr. Betty Martin

Receiving, Giving, Taking and Allowing How to bring your heart into your hands and what it teaches you about life and love. When you touch your partner (or other friend), are you giving or receiving? Is there a difference? Why does it matter? And what happens when you know for sure? When they touch you, is it for you, or for them? Can you tell? Does it matter? What happens when you take ‘Giving’ and ‘Receiving’ apart, so you feel one of them at a time? For one thing, you find out what they are. You find out how they feed you, how they challenge you, and how they wake you up. They challenge who you think you are as a lover and, quite possibly, as a person. Receiving and Giving – clean,

Practitioners Workshop "Like a Pro" with Dr. Betty Martin

*** This event is limited to 14 people, only Irish based practitioners are eligible *** All other practitioners have the choice to book for the event in the UK: click here ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Some feedback about the event: click here An excerpt from Betty Martin's website: You can learn great massage or tantric skills in many places, but what is it that makes your work, well, professional? If you are doing hands-on work, you need to have your own personal clarity, accurate protocols for assessment, and skills to teach consent and empowerment to your clients/students. You need to know the differ

*** LONDON *** Explore Orgasmic Yoga/ Mindful Self-Pleasuring

Explore Orgasmic Yoga/ Mindful Self-Pleasuring 4th February 2015 The Skylight Centre 49 Corsica Street N5 1JT, London Learn & Explore Orgasmic Yoga Practice(OYP) - Mindful Self Pleasuring Facilitated by Elaine Young & Kai Helmich In this experiential evening you will learn the basics of orgasmic yoga practice - mindful self pleasuring or masturbation. We will teach you how to do the basic breaths and movements in a clothed setting, we will have some demos and you will have the opportunity to practice. You will learn how to build your own daily practice based on breath, sound and movement, touch, focus , pelvic floor muscle engagement, intention and moving sexual energy around the entire body