Reflections, sharing and planing a way forward

Reflections, sharing and planning a way forward 30th October 2014 7pm-9pm €15 To keep together those amazing people (and bring together new ones) who have walked together, 6 Fridays of learning, sharing and expanding as healthy sexual beings. Let's keep growing, maybe soon "we may get to know freedom" Looking forward to seeing old faces and new ones alike on our path to freedom. Entrance is €15 a head and please do join us at our social gathering after the event for a cuppa and a chat! #reflections #sharing #planningawayforward

*** LONDON *** Introduction to Orgasmic Yoga Practice - Mindful Self Pleasuring

Introduction to Orgasmic Yoga Practice/ Mindful Self-Pleasuring 22nd October 2014 Skylight Center, London Learn & Explore Orgasmic Yoga Practice(OYP) - Mindful Self Pleasuring Facilitated by Elaine Young & Kai Helmich In this experiential evening you will learn the basics of orgasmic yoga practice - mindful self pleasuring or masturbation. We will teach you how to do the basic breaths and movements in a clothed setting, we will have some demos and you will have the opportunity to practice. You will learn how to build your own daily practice based on breath, sound and movement, touch, focus , pelvic floor muscle engagement, intention and moving sexual energy around the entire body. We will

#5/6 Emotional Release & Scar Tissue Remediation - Introducing Sexological Bodywork & Somatic Sex Co

#5/6 Emotional Release Tools & Scar Tissue Remediaton Friday, 17th, October 2014 7-9pm Fee: €15/ person The Harvest Moon Centre, 24 Lower Baggot Street, Dublin 2 Meetup Page: click here In this Freedom's Series of Introducing Sexological Bodywork I invite you this Friday to explore: Part 1: The power of Emotional Release Tools. Facing the storm is half the worries if you know that you are equipped to handle whatever gets thrown at you or whatever starts rising from within you. Change the "ohhhhh so ever" feared uncertainty into certainty: Know; YES, I can handle it! You will go away knowing you have now 7 powerful tools that you can use anywhere, whatever comes up and tri

#3/6 Touch & Erotic Massage - Introducing Sexological Bodywork & Somatic Sex Coaching

Touch + Erotic Massage Friday, 3rd October 2014 7-9pm Fee: €15/ person Meetup Page: click here The Harvest Moon Centre, 24 Lower Baggot Street, Dublin 2 Part 1: The potential of using touch consciously. There are so many ways to touch oneself. But ... am I making use of it? Touch is such a powerful way to reach out or being touched by. Did you know that your brain does not know the difference between touching yourself and being touched by someone else? • Let us explore different kind of touches and what we can do with it! • What moods require what kind of touch? • What unfulfilled needs and desires are longing to be touched? • What kind of touch works for you? • And what kind of touch d