#2/6 Breathwork & Orgasmic Yoga Practice - Introducing Sexological Bodywork & Somatic Sex Coaching

Breathwork & Orgasmic Yoga Practice Friday, 26th September 2014 7-9pm Fee: €15/ person Meetup Page: click here The Harvest Moon Centre, 24 Lower Baggot Street, Dublin 2 The foundation of Sexological Bodywork is actively engaging in breath, sound, movement and the expansion into self pleasuring without shame, guilt, fears, a state free of fantasy and unfinished emotional business. Expect to come away from this evening fully empowered to reconnect to your body, with plenty of homework practice! :-) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The first of the 6 sessions has been there to get a clear

Dr. Betty Martin is coming to Ireland May 2015

Betty Martin is coming to Ireland! - 26th - 31st May 2015 Location: Dublin City Centre More information to follow soon! Limited spaces will be available for the two workshops, so please register soon. Who is Dr. Betty Martin? Click here Professional Practicioner Training: Like a Pro Thursday 27th May - Sunday 31st May 2015 More information: click here Public workshop: Learning to Touch Sunday 31st May 2015 More information: click here #bettymartin #likeapro #learningtotouch


Just received this Testimonial from a client "Thank you" "Sexological Bodywork sessions with Kai have provided me with a foundation for my embodied growth, awareness raising and sexual connectivity work. His incredible professionalism, intuitive flexibility, arsenal of expertise and healthy boundaries expertly hold a space for whatever needs to unfold. Kai is client-centred and client-led, generous with wisdom and insight, and provides a sense of safety and openness which is necessary and vital for anyone embarking on this precious journey of self exploration." (Leslie S from Dublin) #testimonial

#1/6 Introducing Sexological Bodywork Meetup Dublin

Join me on Meetup Introducing Sexological Bodywork Meetup Dublin to join meetup: click here This group is for everybody that wants to expand their embodiment, to increase sensitivity, pleasure and awareness around their bodies. We will be exploring the tools of an Sexological Bodyworker*, what they are and how they can help you healing any particular issues connected to shame, guilt, fears and other behavior patterns that prevent you of experiencing pleasure consciously and to the full. In the coming series of experiential and seminars I will be introducing: - Sex and our Nervous Systems - Male & female anatomy - The importance of using up & down regulating breaths - Orgasmic Yoga (Self-plea