William Whitecloud - "Meet your Genius"

William Whitecloud "Meet your Genius" 5th - 6th April, 2014 London Link to event page: click here What is more powerful than creativity and intuition? Wow, what a powerful workshop that was/is and it certainly did/does what it says on the tin (flyer). Thank you to William and his team to introducing me to MY Genius! I am delighted to have received some missing puzzle pieces for my coaching. Looking forward to using these tools for me personally and for my clients. #williamwhitecloud

Sexological Bodywork

Certificate of Sexological Bodywork April - October, 2014 Dorset/ UK Sexology is the scientific study of human sexuality, including human sexual interests, behavior, and function. Sexology may use tools from a variety of academic fields, including biology, psychology, education, sociology, anthropology, and neurology. I will be starting my Certificate of Sexological Bodywork this April. I am so excited to be coached by Joseph Kramer himself, Deej and Uma from Australia. My aim is to specialise in this sector and bring this skill to anybody that wants to experience their sexuality in a more conscious state, to be seen as they are and to break out of any limitations that are bound by our adapt