From the moment I met Kai, I felt completely safe and accepted. What I liked best about the sessions was his authenticity, combined with a very strong intuition as to what I needed in order to connect with how I felt and to start a healing process. N from Dublin

I help people to cope with and make sense of the humbling experiences of life and support them to rise and shine their light to be at peace with themselves.  

I guide my clients on a process of finding themselves when they are lost, to strengthen their personal power, for them to be able to continue their journey home. 


The journey here is simply, to balance the analytical, rational left-hand brain-half with the creative, feeling right-hand brain-half - from doing to being or vice versa, from incapable to capable, from feeling separated towards being whole and from surrender to purpose.

  • To re-align the thinking mind = Surrender  

  • To re-connect to your feeling body = Intuition

  • To embrace "I am" consciousness = Vision

  • To express shamefree authenticity = Embodiment

  • To live a life of meaning = Purpose


For this I shall inspire, motivate and challenge you to activate and trust your unique creative potential, intuitive knowing and authentic expression as an highly personalised individual.

Knowing this I offer everybody safe vulnerability and a space for unconditional intimacy. Intimacy meaning to reveal yourself or to become naked. (to state and make known)

"As thy truth shall set you free"


With the goal to find peace within you, to rise and shine in all of your glory. 

When you bring forth what is within you,

this will save you.

If you do not bring it forth, it will kill you.

                 Gospel of Thomas 70 

Through authentic communication, at the edge of ones comfort zone, one can liberate, grow, and expand oneself by becoming aware of the believes and behaviours that have been adopted in the past as coping strategies, but have never been up-dated since. Therefore we have adopted or have taken on our parents, our school and religious education and have been moulded by our culture and/ or individual circumstances (some of them may have been traumatic).


With an expanding permission to express your true self and an increasing awareness of who you truly are, YOU are ready to keep unlocking your truth/ potential and transform your life step by step, word by word.

If you keep revealing your hidden parts, your creative potential is being released in the process! 

Therefore, no better tool than Skype or Zoom, as it focuses and increases your capacity to speak your truth, from the comfort and safety of your own home and/or office.